How to play GorillaBanana

This post shows how to play GorillaBanana.(日本語のぺージはコチラ

Haven’t you installed it not yet?

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Over view of GorillaBanana

GorillaBanana header

GorillaBanana is a game app for android.

You can play games even in short time because the app has 2 modes and many stages: details are stated below.

Mode option

The 2 modes is consist of “STORY MODE” and “PRACTICE MODE.”

In STORY MODE, you can play games along with a story.

You have to consume bananas you have in this mode.

You have 10 bananas initially, the bananas will be consumed when you throw or eat them in games.

Bananas can be get after a game or bought at built-in-app store.

The number of bananas you get is dependent on cleared stage, game level, and so on.

In PRACTICE MODE, you can practice playing the game.

You don’t have to consume your bananas in this mode.

For beguinners, PRACTICE MODE might be recommended.


You can change settings below.

  1. ON/OFF of BGM
  2. BGM
  3. Difficulty of games
  4. Speed of power guage

1. ON/OFF of BGM

Sounds, BGM and sound effects, in the app can be “OFF” state.

2. BGM

The app has 3 BGMs.

Choose what you like.

My favorite is No.2, so default BGM is No.2.

3. Difficulty of games

There are 4 levels of difficulty of games.

The higher level you set, The stronger opponents are and the more EXPs can be earned.

4. Speed of power gauge

You can set speed of increment of power gauge in a game.

I recommend that you keep this setting in your mind.

The time when you want to change the speed must come soon…


1. Playing screen

H.P. of Target is shown with upper gauge.

Your H.P. is shown with lower gauge; above power gauge.

Gorilla is sitting at lower position in the screen.

The button is “Action Button.”

You tap several times the button in a game.

Goal of this game is giving bananas to opponents by throwing them.

2.  Tap and decide throwing derection

3.  Tap the action button

After tapping, power gauge will start to increase.

4. Tap action button to fix power

The more power gauge is filled, the more powerfully you can throw a banana.

5. Banana goes

The path of the banana is a circle.

Banana will never go through the tapped point: calculate and estimate the path using your imagination!

6. Check H.P. gauges

7. Tap screen or Eat banana

You can eat banana to recover your H.P.


After little playing games in PRACTICE MODE, let’s play STORY MODE accordingly!

There are many stages.

Play rank is measured and shown in after the game.

The rank are D, C, B, A, and S.

D-rank is the lowest rank, in the other hand, S-rank is the highest rank.

You can collect the rank by stage and by level(difficulty of games that can be set in “settings”).

The ranks you’ve got are shown in stage choise screen.

9. Play screen in STORY MODE

The number of banana currently equipped is shown like this.

Of course, the number of banana is decreased by thrown or eaten.

If you consume all banana you have, escape buttton will appear.

After escaping, you can take back half number of bananas you had had.

Titles and Bananas

You can get many titles and bananas in this app.

If you get a new title, you will be able to use a new kind of banana.

Titles and bananas you have can be see in “status” view that can be accessed by tapping “status” button.

If you need more banana, you can buy them from “STORE” in status screen.

Enjoy, it’s time to play!

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