What is GorillaBanana?

GorillaBanana is a gaming app for android powered by Aki Pineapple Apps.

You can play and enhance your mathmatical sense at the same time.

Table of Contents


It’s a story in a forest not so far…

The name of the forest is “Gori-forest.

Gorillas are living there happily and peacefully.

Gorillas love thier friends, families, and the nature.

Banana is not just only food  but also token of brave for them.


One day, new friends come from somewhere.

They wear unique uniform, hat, and glasses.

They are little strange, but gorillas welcome them.


After that, peaceful life of gorillas is destroyed.

It’s the time to show your brave, friend.


Over view

You, gorilla, give banana to opponets by throwing it.

They are starving.

So, fulfill thier hunger ASAP!



If you have not installed the app yet, download from here(Google Play).


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