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This post shows how to use Compare Calculator.(日本語版ページはコチラ

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Over view of Compare Calculator

compare calclator header

Compare Calculator is highly useful app that helps you to compare items.

You would save your money whenever you go to a store.

Simple interface

Input screen

compare calculator input

You can input title, price, amount, number, and discount rate.


Input a title of the data.

The title would include store name, item name, time, or whatever you want.

The title is a “tag.”


Input price of the item that can be either taxed or non-taxed.

This app doesn’t take tax into account.

So, I recommend you to input non-taxed price here.


Amount of the item: the unit can be “mg”, “oz”, “lb”, “L”, “cc”, and so on.

If you compare multiple items that have different units, be careful.

In case of that, the units of all items you want to compare shall be the same.

Actually, however, items you want to compare would have the same or similar unit.


The number of the item.

Usually, the number is “1.”

If you buy 3 items, input “3” here.


Discount rate can be taken into account.

Input discount in percentage(%) in case that the item is discounted.

For example, the item is discounted 20%, input “20” here.

List screen

compare calculator list

You can see data you input and saved on a list format.

If you want to edit or clear data, tap the data; Edit screen will be opened.

Edit screen

compare calculator list

You can edit or delete data here; this screen can be opened by tapping an item on the list.

One or more information can be edit at the same time.

Color options

You can change theme color whenever you want.

6 color themes are prepared.

compare calculator color


This app calculates unit price with an equation below:

Unit price = { price / (amount x num.) } x (100 – discount) /100

Not installed yet?

Why don’t you try to use the app?

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