Tipps for GorillaBanana

Do you enjoy playing GorillaBanana?(日本語のページはコチラ

There are some points you should know.

Center is King

Do you want to decrease target’s H.P. more?

That can also decrease consumption of bananas and will help you to get higher rank.

If you want to do so, let bananas go through near the center of the target.

In case that the banana you throw come close to the center of the target enough, the hit will become “critical hit.”

Critical hit can decrease target’s H.P. more than normal hits.

Furthermore, sound effect also will be special.

GorillaBanana critical

Critical hit highly relates to a score you’ll get after a game.

So, bananas should go through the center of the targets.

Power gauge

Power shown in the power gauge is not only what determine radios of banana’s orbit, but also what relates to reduction of target’s H.P.

Of course, more power you set, more effectively target’s H.P. will be decreased.

For multiple targets, however, the theory is not so simple because you will have some options.


What is your current title?

There are many titles you can earn.

The titles depend on your EXPs you get after a game.

If you get a new title, you can unlock new kind of banana.

So, if you face very strong enemy, it’s good way for you to play other stages or buy EXPs to get new title and unlock bananas.

Consumed all bananas?

When you consumed all bananas in play screen, there are some options:

Option 1 ESCAPE

Letters of the action button, a button that is on the right-side bottom of screen, turn into “ESCAPE.”

If you tap the “ESCAPE” button, you will be “GAME OVER” but half of bananas you initially had had before a game started will be come back.

Furthermore, you will be able to earn little EXPs.

GorillaBanana escape

Option 2 BUY

You can buy bananas at “STORE.”

All kinds of bananas unlocked are on sale.

You have less than 99 bananas by a kind.

GorillaBanana more bananas

Option 3 Turn the app off

This option is a disaster or nightmare.

You lost all bananas because the numbers of bananas are saved by every consumption: throw, eat, and buy.

I strongly discourage you to tap back button while you playing a game.

Not installed yet?

If you have not installed the app yet, download from here(Google Play).