Privacy Policy for family apps

Effective Date (施行日): October 24, 2022

Apps this policy applied to: (当ポリシーは以下のアプリに適用されます。)

  • GorillaBanana (ごりらばなな)
  • InoshishiWorld (イノシシわぁるど)

READ THE FOLLOWING WITH YOUR GUARDIAN if you are under age 18 or not able to understand.

Overview (概要)

This privacy policy (referred to as “this policy”) applies to all users of Aki-Pineapple-Apps’ (referred to as “AP”) family apps listed above (referred to as “the apps”). Please confirm this policy before playing the apps. AP may collect, share, or use your data as the following. The apps, however, are NOT distributed in and directed to the area covered by GDPR or some privacy laws. If you use the apps in the area, please consent that you do NOT have the right to claim to AP about responsibility in GDPR or such laws.

What data are collected, shared, or accessed (収集、共有、参照されるデータ)

  1. device information (IP address, device name, operating system version);
  2. statistics information (the configuration of the app, the time and date of your use of the app, and other statistics information);
  3. purchase history (including purchase ID, amount spent, currency, date, time, and vouchers);
  4. Cookies and similar technologies; and
  5. other data you explicitly give AP (e.g., contact information including your name and e-mail address).

How the apps collect your data (データの収集方法)

The apps DO NOT collect your data on background. AP and the apps collect your data from:

  • you directly (if you do so); or
  • other entities or service providers that are assisting the apps in providing you with services (including data analytics providers, ad networks, operating systems, and internet services providers).

How does AP use the data (データの使用目的)

  1. Ads (広告)
    Your data are shared with ad networks (see “With whom your data are shared” below) to serve ads. Ads in the apps are NOT “personalized” or “interest-based.” The ads are served based on context of the apps and/or your general location data (see “Compliance” below). the ads’ contents are tailored for children based on Google’s family policy.
  1. Statistics (統計)
    Your data are shared with statistics services to support for the internal operations including monitoring and analyzing usage of the apps, and diagnosing problems with and improving the apps. The data collected by AdMob. To confirm about data collected, please see
  1. Process for in-app purchase (アプリ内購入)
    Your data is accessed when you purchase or subscribe items through in-app billing system. The purchases are handled by Google Play.
    (お客様がアプリ内購入を利用する場合にデータにアクセスします。アプリ内購入はGoogle Playにて行われます。)
  1. Contact (連絡)
    Your data are used to respond to your message or comments you send AP.
  1. Legal purposes (法的利用)
    Your data may be disclosed when legal authority let AP do so.

With whom your data are shared (データの共有先)

AP shares your data with third-party service provider listed below. They may set cookies to support for the internal operations of the apps. You may get your data deleted from them via the opt out links provided.

  • Google LLC

* Privacy policy (プライバシーポリシー):
* Opt-out (オプトアウト):

In-app purchases are handled in Google Play that is one of services powered by Google. User payment information and purchase history may be referred to. Regarding access to your data by Google, please see
(アプリ内の購入はGoogleのサービスの1つであるGoogle Playにより取り扱われます。ユーザー支払い情報や購入履歴が参照されます。Googleがアクセスするデータについてはをご確認ください。)

Statistics data are shared with Google. Individual cannot be specified by the statistics data.

Ads are served by AdMob that is one of Google Play certified ad SDKs. See the following item also.
(広告はAdMobから配信されます。AdMobはGoogle Play 認定広告SDKの1つです。以下の項目も併せてご確認ください。)

  • Third-party ad networks (サードパーティー広告ネットワーク)

AdMob feature that lets you serve ads to your apps from multiple sources, including the AdMob network and third-party ad networks (see also “Data transfer”).

Data transfer (データの転送)

Please be aware that your data collected by the apps will be transferred to, processed, stored, and used in some countries for the purposes listed in “How does AP use the data” above. Your use of the apps or provision of any data therefore constitutes your consent to the transfer to and from, processing, usage, sharing, and storage of data about you as set out in this policy.

Compliance (法令順守)

The apps comply with Japanese law. Additionally, the apps refer to laws and policies below:

  1. COPPA (Children Online Privacy Protection Act)
    1. Social Communication (ソーシャルコミュニケーション)
      The apps DO NOT include any social communication tools or links in themselves to prevent bullying or harassment. Users can play the apps without such threat.
    2. Ads (広告)
      Ads in the apps is NOT “personalized” or “interest-based.” This means that the apps DO NOT use your personal information, preferences, and/or interest for ads.
    3. Location Data (位置情報)
      The apps DO NOT collect or share precise location like your house address or the name of the street nearby. The apps share ONLY general location data like city or postal code level location data. The location data may be obtained from a part of IP address.
    4. Exception of use of persistent identifier (識別子の使用に関する例外処置)
      AP may share persistent identifiers including Cookies, IP address, and general location data to serve advertising and cap the frequency of advertising. AP DO NOT share the data except for the purposes.
    5. Personal data of children under the age of 18 (18才未満のユーザー個人情報)
      DO NOT send any data about children under age 18 to AP, including name, address, telephone number, or e-mail address. If you are under age 18 and going to contact AP, please ask your guardians to do so. If AP note that AP have collected such data about children under age 18, AP will delete the data as quickly as possible. If you feel that AP might have any data from or about children under the age of 18, please contact AP.
      (COPPA’s target is under age 13, but AP’s target is under 18. AP expands the target range of age from 13 to 18 in order to protect more children.)
  1. Google’s policies (Googleのポリシー)

Not Selling Policy

AP DO NOT sell any your data collected.

Protection for data collected and shared (データの保護)

Your data collected by and shared in Google’s services are protected utilizing encrypted technology. AP attempt to maintain your data to protect against loss, destruction, misuse, modification, and improper disclosure. Unfortunately, no data transmission or storage system can be guaranteed to be completely secure. AP cannot guarantee the security of the databases of the third parties with which AP may share such data also. AP cannot guarantee that the data collected will NOT be intercepted while being transmitted over the Internet.

How long your personal data is kept (データの保管期間)

AP will process your personal data (your name, e-mail address, and other contact information) which it was collected in connection with the provision of service to you depends on necessary for the purposes, unless AP have a legal right or obligation to retain the data for a longer period, or the data is necessary for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims. The duration of personal data processed by AP is three (3) years after the data were received. Regulations of other countries may impose additional requirements that’s why the data storage period may vary. In particular, if the regulations of your country define different period, you may file your claim or complaint against AP with relevant proofs of legal relations in English or Japanese, AP may process your personal data based on the requirements.
(AP は、お客様へのサービスの提供に関連して収集されたお客様の個人データ (名前、電子メール アドレス、およびその他の連絡先情報) を目的に応じて処理します。なお、APが当該データを長期間保管する法的な権利・義務を有する場合や、当該データが法的請求の確立、行使、弁護に必要な場合は除きます。APはお客様の個人データを受領してから3年間保管します。規制は国により異なるため、当該保管期間は変更されることがあります。特に、お客様の国において異なる保存期間が設定されている場合は、お客様がAPに対して申請することができます。その際には英語または日本語で記載された法的確証もご連絡ください。APはその要求に基づいた個人データの保管を行うことがあります。)

Reviewing, Correcting and Deleting your data (データの確認、修正、削除)

Please contact AP when you’d like to review, correct, or delete collected your personal data (see “Contact information”). Your right to review, correct, and delete your personal data is subject to appropriate legal restrictions. AP will take reasonable measures to verify your identity before your accessing or making corrections. Please confirm that AP will retain and use data about you as necessary to comply with AP’s legal obligations, resolve disputes, and enforce AP’s agreements.

Changes to this privacy policy (変更)

AP may change this policy at any time. Any changes will be effective by posting of the revised policy. Please be advised to frequently see this policy from time to time. This policy will show the last updated date on the top. AP recognizes that your continuous use of the apps will signify your acceptance of the changes to this policy.

Contact information (連絡先)

Developer (開発者): Aki-Pineapple-Apps

E-mail (メールアドレス):